Shel Silverstein Reprise

Maybe life was better
when I used to be a wetter.
-Shel Silverstein
"Thoughts on Getting Out of a Nice Warm Bed in an Ice-Cold House to Go to the Bathroom at Three O'Clock in the Morning"

I am fond of taking breaks to stare out the window of my office during the work day, partly to keep myself from going cross-eyed from staring at computer monitors all day and partly because it's warmer over there. My new office building is basically in the midst of a mass construction project, so there's no dearth of activity outside my window to distract me.

The other day, I watched a neon-and-hardhat-clad man emerge from a port-o-potty and realized this: that putrid plastic blue shed is his office bathroom. And construction workers have very low incentives to stay hydrated.