Evolution of a Cookie, Part II

This is not a baking blog.

It's not. I really want to manage your expectations about where we're going here.

The internet is replete with food blogs, many of which have glorious photography, tummy-rumbling recipes, and endearing writing, and some of which are...well, rubbish. I have no desire to compete with any of these. But baking is a big part of my life, so I'm going to pop a recipe in here now and again. Okay? Thanks for understanding.

Now let's talk about turning cake-y into chewy.
In the first iteration of the recipe I posted, I made a couple relatively small adjustments:
a) I swapped the measurements for brown and white sugar.
b) I added molasses.

The effects of white versus brown sugar in cookies varies depending on what else is going on in your recipe, so changing the ratios was a bit of a gamble. (This is a nice little overview, for your edification.) Here, my thought was that brown sugar helps gluten formation and might make a chewier cookie. I didn't think about the fact that brown sugar also reacts with baking powder to enhance leavening, meaning it could also make the cookie MORE puffy. Net result: question marks.

The molasses were to help the cookie spread a little while really enhancing the flavors that were already there. I've also found that liquid sweeteners -- honey, maple syrup, molasses -- often lead to crisper cookies.

What I wound up with was a slightly denser, slightly chewier cookie. It was still delish, but it wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. Bad news: this meant I needed to make another batch of dough. This is the point where you start thinking what a good friend I'd be and asking yourself why you haven't spent more time with Paula. So I'm going to graciously invite you to spend more time with me RIGHT HERE...when I post recipe round 3 in a couple days.